These documents address policies regarding students that study in fully online or hybrid courses.


Distance learning students and faculty have all the rights and requirements provided by the Federal Educational Right and Privacy Act (FERPA).  You can read more on the Registrar’s Office page.

Course & Program Integrity

Instructors should be aware of the possibility of students getting help from others on work completed outside of monitored exams. While some online quizzes may be used as learning tools and papers/projects may be prepared outside of a monitored environment, if a substantial proportion of the course grade is to be earned on activities such as exams, these exams should be administered by authorized proctors or proctoring agencies approved by the college. Instructors must incorporate a variety of tools to ensure that students are doing their own work.

Maintaining Test Security in Online Courses:

  • All courses must use GeorgiaView portal for access and require student authentication using the student’s login and password to access course content.
  • The course should require students to complete a mixture of assignments including quizzes, tests, homework, written assignments, and/or activities.
  • All instructors are recommended to implement student I.D. and security processes for testing including the ABAC at Bainbridge Testing Center, remote proctoring centers, or other existing or evolving student verification resources.

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