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Being an excellent instructor is a lifelong process. There is always something we could do better. Always some assignment that could be improved. Always some concept that students struggle to learn for which we can provide a better learning experience. We strive to lead students into lifelong learning. Good instructors, likewise, seek to better their craft year after year. To this end, the Center for Teaching Excellence is here to facilitate the ongoing advancement of instructional excellence in both online and face-to-face courses at Bainbridge State College. Explore the resources!


  • Faculty Development Day this Fall
    Our presenter for fall Faculty Development day this year will be the well-regarded University of North Carolina professor, Todd Zakrajsek. Dr. Zakrajsek is the Executive Director, Academy of Educators - UNC-Chapel Hill and an Associate Professor in the School of Medicine and the Department of Family Medicine.Dr. Zakrajsek received his Ph.D. in Industrial/Org […]
  • Opportunities for Learning this Summer
    Opportunities for Learning this Summer   by  Giorgio Montersino You may be kicking your feet up at the beach or in your office busily preparing a summer course, but wherever you are there are opportunities for you to improve your teaching or learn something new this summer.The Faculty Resources course in GeorgiaVIEW has a number of free webinars to view incl […]

Faculty Stories:

  • A low-tech solution that works
    Roger Lunt was fascinated by the idea of using clickers—those electronic devices through which instructors can record students’ responses to questions on-the-fly during class—but he wasn’t so drawn to the idea of managing the technology. “I was not sure I wanted to learn how to operate the software and the hardware,” he says, “so I decided to come up with my […]
  • What she did on her "summer vacation"
    Dr. Jenny Harper in SpainDr. Jenny Harper began participating this past summer in the University System of Georgia’s European Council—a study abroad initiative with programs in Madrid, London, Paris, Berlin, and now Scotland (thanks to our own David Nelson). Dr. Harper applied for a fellowship to the Madrid, Spain program last year and was accepted, she beli […]

Teaching Ideas:

  • Getting feedback from students in a formative assessment
    The term “formative assessment” often means just regular assessment of student learning that you conduct during the course of a class to provide both you and the student feedback on how well they are mastering course content. But the term also refers to getting feedback from students on how well the course is working for them.The point of such a formative as […]
  • Is your subject irrelevant?
    Curriculum experts have long argued that making learning relevant to students helps them engage with the subject, and therefore, learn more efficiently. In this article, the author argues that math is primarily taught in a painfully irrelevant way in most cases. Worthy, but irrelevant subjects, will go the way of Latin, the writer suggests. If we continue te […]





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