Name Position Department

Abdo, Salam

Part-time Instructor

Addison, Jack

BSC Police Officer

Akins, Brenda

Administrative Assistant

Anderson, Gayle

Library Tech/Paraprofessional

Avery, Charles

EMS Programs Coordinator

Barron, Jan

Media Specialist

Barron, Travis

Network/Information Security Officer

Barrow, Lorie

Instructor of Nursing

Barsom, Michelle

Library Director

Battenberg, Heather

Associate Librarian

Baty, Janice

Executive Assistant to Senior Administrative Staff

Bell, Claude

Associate Professor of Electronics Technology

Benson, David, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Bickley, Ph.D. John

Part-time Instructor

Bishai, Sally

Part-time Instructor

Brannen, Sherry

Chair of Practical Nursing

Braswell, Rebecca

Part-time Instructor

Brock, Kenneth

Maintenance Worker

Brown, Bobby

Security Officer

Brown, James

Front Desk

Brown, Laura

Admissions Advisor

Brown, Tameka


Brown, Terri

Director of Distance Learning

Buie, Frances

Part-time Instructor

Burrell, Joy

Student Life Program Coordinator

Butler, Joshua

Part-time Instructor

Byrd Ed.D., David

Professor of Math

Cantley, Gretchen

Payroll Manager

Casteel, Chandra

Library Assistant

Chambers Ph.D., Raymond

Part-time Instructor

Chapman, Corey

Academic Counselor

Clark, Tammy

Technology Support Coordinator

Cofer, Aaron

Security Officer

Collier, Michael

Part-time Instructor

Connell, Edward

Police Sergeant/Investigator

Cooley, Sean

Part-time Instructor

Copeland, Sherry


Coston, Elwanda

Associate Professor of Math

Cox, Richard

Part-time Instructor

Cumbie, William

Student Life Duty Officer

Cunningham Ph.D., Adele

Associate Professor of Biology

Day, Molly

Instructional Resources Coordinator

Dowd-Arrow, Ph.D., Emily

Associate Professor of English

Dudley, Kristi

Part-time Instructor

Dumper, Kathryn

Part-time Instructor

Dunn, Scott

Chief Information Officer

Edmunds, Chan

Student Accounts Coordinator

Elkins, Owen

Instructor of Electronics

Ferguson, Andrea

Part-time Instructor

Fleming, Mashone

Financial Aid Counselor ,
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