ABAC-Bainbridge offers a variety of instructional methods to suit and meet the needs of its students. Instructional methods range from traditional fact-to-face classes to completely online web classes. The following is a description of the course delivery methods offered at ABAC-Bainbridge.

Lecture. A course in which all instruction occurs in a face-to-face (F2F) setting and usually does not require a strong online or web presence.

Online/Web/Fully at a Distance. A course in which all instruction occurs online, and testing may occur online or in a proctored environment.

Hybrid. A course in which 25 percent-50 percent of the learning activities are conducted online. Traditional class meeting times will vary within these guidelines, depending on course content and instructor discretion. Meeting times will be predetermined and specified in the class schedule.

Directed Independent Study (DIS). DIS course delivery instruction can vary based on the agreement made between the instruction and student.

Determining Course Delivery Method on the Class Schedule 

In preparation for the start of the next semester, students are encouraged to register for their courses early. Choosing courses is achieved by accessing the class schedule. Students are provided with descriptive information about each class including the delivery method. The delivery method for each course can be found in the far left column labeled “Course Type.” In this column students will find descriptors like those listed and defined above.


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