Test of Essential Academic Skills Test (TEAS)


About the Test

The T.E.A.S. test is required for admission into Bainbridge State College Practical Nursing Program. The exam must be completed prior to turning in your application to the PN program

Exam Dates, Times, and Locations

Spring 2017


March 2017
9th, 9am & 1pm
23rd, 9am & 1pm
April 2017
6th, 9am & 1pm
20th, 9am & 1pm
May 2017
11th, 9am & 1pm
25th, 9am & 1pm
June 2016
1st, 9am & 1pm
6th & 8th, 9am & 1pm
13th & 15th, 9am & 1pm
20th & 22nd, 9am & 1pm
27th & 29th, 9am & 1pm
***Please bring a debt or credit card on the day of testing for payment. All payments will be processed online.
Location:  BSC Main Campus


Please contact the Testing Center at 229-243-3026 to schedule an appointment to take the TEAS exam. Photo ID must be presented prior to taking the exam.



The applicant is responsible for the testing fee of forty-five dollars ($45) which must be paid the day of the exam. The testing fee is non refundable.

Preparing for the Exam

A study guide is on reserve in the Bainbridge State College library.  Study guides or practice tests may be purchased from the assessment Technologies Institute at www.atitesting.com You can also use the unofficial study guide online. http://www.testprepreview.com/teas_practice.htm. The library also has study guides available for a short checkout period or for use in the library. 

The TEAS Test may be repeated, with the best composite score used for the selective admission formula. The applicant must wait a month before retaking the exam but must complete prior to the nursing program application due date.

REMEDIATION is strongly recommended for success on the RETAKE.


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