Learning Support is a generic term for courses designed to prepare students for, or to assist students with, collegiate work. Learning Support is intended to serve students who need additional support in mathematics or English (reading/writing). Students enrolling in Learning Support courses are those who do not meet criteria to exempt Learning Support placement or those who elect to enroll in Learning Support courses in order to prepare for core curriculum courses.

Learning Support courses include corequisite courses that students take alongside credit courses as well as Foundations-level courses for students who do not meet the criteria for corequisite courses.

Co-requisite courses paired with credit-level courses:

  • ENGL 0999 – Support for English Composition
  • MATH 0997 – Support for Quantitative Reasoning (Non-STEM Math Path)
  • MATH 0999 – Support for College Algebra (STEM Math Path)

Foundations-level courses:

  • ENGL 0989 – Foundations for English Composition
  • MATH 0987 – Foundations for Quantitative Reasoning (Non-STEM Math Path)
  • MATH 0989 – Foundations for College Algebra (STEM Math Path)

For further information on Learning Support policies, please see the catalog.


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