Each year the Honors Program pursues a special theme of study and then finishes the year with a trip to a destination that is connected to that theme. Campus events are free to students.  Travel opportunities are enriching and eye opening – and fun! Costs to Honors Program students are kept to a minimum.

2014-2015 Community Film Discussion Series: Movies of the Sixties

9/25/2014       “The Graduate,” led by Dr. Michael Stewart, Room 274

10/23/2014     “Dr. Strangelove,” led by Dr. Dave Nelson, Room 274

11/20/2014      “Wild in the Streets,” led by Dr. John Vanzo, Room 274

1/29/2015        “Midnight Cowboy,” led by Dr. Michael Kirkland, Room 274

2/26/2015        “To Sir, With Love,” led by Dr. Dave Nelson, Room 274

3/26/2015        “Goldfinger,” led by Dr. Patrick Smith, Room 274


2014-2015 Travel

10/30 – 10/31/2014   CCHA Conference Presentations, Tampa

Elizabeth Stewart (BSC student): On the Shoulders and In the Footsteps of Paul Kwilecki

Madison Helms (BSC student):  Funny Money: Economic Stimulus Through Humor and the Arts

Alea Simmons (BSC student):  So Far Come, So Far To Go

Dr. Michael Kirkland (BSC Faculty), Moderator

3/1 – 3/7/2015           Honors Program Trip to Dallas and Chicago,  Theme: “The Sixties”


Annual Themes and Travel Destinations:

2013    Washington, DC                     “The Role of Government”

2014    New York City                         “Race and Racism”

2015    Dallas and Chicago                 “The Sixties”

2016    Europe                                       “The Rise and Fall of Civilizations”


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