Welcome to the ABAC at Bainbridge Honors Program!

The Honors Program at ABAC at Bainbridge provides its most highly motivated students with opportunities for academic and personal development. Students who value engagement, scholarly exchange, and enriching activities can work closely with faculty and other campus leaders. Emphasis is placed on supporting each Honors student’s personal interests and career goals. Pursuing a special theme of study each year, Honors students are educated about current national and world affairs, gaining an understanding of the pertinent issues of our time.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Close relationships with professors and innovative learning
  • Stand out now; stand out in the future
  • Personal and academic development
  • Leading on campus will help you lead in the future
  • A great resume builder
  • Your transcript will show your honors work – for the rest of your life
  • Great travel opportunities
  • Social opportunities with the college’s most highly motivated students

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