Bainbridge State College provides quality education with several options to fit today’s student education and training needs. From the student interested in earning a general education diploma (GED) in the Adult Education and GED program to training and preparation for high demand jobs such as nursing in the Health Sciences and Professional Studies division or preparing for transfer to a four year institution through the Arts and Sciences division to even earning a bachelor of science in management, BSC professionals can assist in finding the program that’s right!

New BSC students have no need to worry about the many stresses of being a new college student. During the first semester of attendance, students will enroll in the First Year Experience (FYE) course designed to provide an engaging overview of the many resources that are available and that support student success. New or continuing, all students are encouraged to take advantage of the Honors program offering a rigorous course of study and benefits only available to honors program participants. BSC’s Study Abroad program offers students the opportunity to take classes that meet major and/or minor requirements, study with experts in related fields, earn college credit, and engage in a memorable, life-changing experience!

To discover the various programs we offer here at Bainbridge State College, visit the college catalog

Academic Program and Degree Types

Bainbridge State College (BSC) offers several degree, certificate, and diploma programs. Programs range from certificate, diplomas, and associate of science (AS) and associate of applied science (AAS) programs designed to train and prepare students with the skills needed for in-demand jobs, while the associate of art degree programs (AA) aim to prepare students with the foundational, general education needed for transfer to a desired four-year institution into a chosen field of study. BSC also offer students the opportunity to obtain a bachelor of science (B.S.) degree in management that will equip them with the tools needed to successfully serve in a management capacity within an organization, as well as with the necessary skills to pursue a higher level degree.  Students are encouraged to visit the college catalog  for admissions, advising, financial aid, and other topics for additional information regarding a program of interest.

At Bainbridge State, we offer the widest range of programs available in the University System of Georgia.

Bachelor of Science (BS) This degree is designed to prepare students for work related to their degree area of study. Completion of this degree will also prepare students for graduate programs at university level institutions.

Associate of Arts Degree (AA) This degree (which allows you to choose an area of concentration) will transfer toward a four-year (bachelor’s) degree. In addition, if you complete any core curriculum course, you receive full credit for that course upon transfer to another USG institution within the same major or concentration. This transferability is guaranteed by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia.

  • An Honors Program is available for outstanding Associate of Arts students.
  • We also have 2 + 2 partnerships with four-year degree granting institutions so that you can complete your AA with us and then your bachelor’s degree with that institution–either on our campus or online.

Associate of Science Degree in Nursing (AS): Choose from the Generic Option or the Advanced Placement Option (for LPNs).

Associate of Applied Science Degrees (AAS): These career degrees comprise both transfer and non-transfer classes.

Diplomas: Diplomas are designed to move you quickly into the workforce.

Technical Certificates of Credit (TCC): These programs provide you with certification for specialized career areas.

For additional information about program types, majors, and program requirements access the college catalog. For more information on a program of interest, prospective and current students are encouraged to access the Office of Student Success and Retention’s webpage or contact them at (229) 243-6924.


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