38 BSC students inducted into National Technical Honor Society

Group of National Technical Honor Society inductees

While standing along with family members and friends, or standing alone and recounting the memory of a loved one, 38 Bainbridge State College students were recently inducted into the National Technical Honor Society in a ceremony where the inductees honored those who have impacted them the most.

Honor Society inductees were individually introduced to the audience and given certificates, then they invited individuals up to be recognized as well for their support of each student. Many students recognized their family members and friends, while a few briefly spoke of loved ones who have died but were influenced by them.

The induction ceremony, which was held on April 14 at the Charles H. Kirbo Regional Center, honors those students who have shown academic excellence in Bainbridge State’s School of Health Sciences and Professional Studies, said Kathleen Ketterer, the dean of the school.

As members of the National Technical Honor Society, the students were selected based on four core requirements: Scholarship, leadership, community service and character.

“The most important thing to remember is that each of these characteristics is the sum of many individual decisions,” said Ketterer, who served as the keynote speaker. “To succeed, you need a positive attitude backed by purpose. The only way to achieve your purpose is to take small actions every day. In the end, they all add up.”

Ketterer said the students accomplished a lot so far through their choices in life.

“This was accomplished through having a purpose. Purpose gives you direction. So know your purpose and you will get there by using your education, inspiring others through service and leadership, and defining your character,” Ketterer said. “Every decision you make in life has both short-term and long-term consequences. So consider all options carefully before you make a decision. Consider where you want your future path to go.”

The following are students inducted into the National Technical Honor Society:

Bainbridge: Thea Boyd, Lawahanna Cooper, Shanice Grimsley, Alfred Henry, Amanda Hurley, Victoria Long, Jessica Moore, Christopher Parrish, Phyllis Redding, Maria Santiago and Shawn Webb.

Blakely: Shamtan Booker, Martin Chambliss, James Strickland, Patrick White, Bridget Worlds and Gloria Wynds.

Brinson: Jenira Castillo and Shirley Florence

Cairo: Carlos West and Kolbi Whitfield

Colquitt: Sheila Parham, Sylvia Salter, Felicia Shephard and Breana Stinson

Cuthbert: Vickie Johnson and Alicia Settles

Donalsonville: LaShanda Glenn

Edison: Faye Howard

Fowlstown: Samuel Andrews

Iron City: Alexus Watson

Jakin: Kelsea Reese

Leary: Ashley Young

Pelham: Joyce Avery and Gloria Russell

Thomasville: Julia Baker and Linda Mitchell

Whigham: Janice Chason.

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