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Researchers are making progress in finding ways to fight the Zika virus. Monday, a big crowd learned about that progress during a lunch and learn presentation at Bainbridge State College. Sarah Ogden and Christy Hammock have spent the past year studying the Zika Virus.

“I consider myself as a grad student very lucky to work on something that is so important and so relevant at the time,” said Hammock.

Both Ogden and Hammock work beside a team of researchers at Florida State University, John Hopkins University and the National Institutes of Health. The team has found drugs that could possibly stop Zika from reproducing.

“We took a panel, some 3,000 drugs that were already approved by the FDA and we screened them for the ability to stop Zika virus,” said Hammock.

Students who attended the ‘Lunch and learn’ today said it was very beneficial.

“I thought it was very interesting,” said Jessie Steen, a senior at Bainbridge State College.

“I think it really benefits the students to both have a presentation to hear about it. But also a forum where they can ask questions if there are things that they are unsure of,” said Ogden.

Most students walked out of the hour long presentation more educated about a virus that has already reached the U.S

“I did learn that if the climate changes with the way the heating of the earth can keep them from dying so it can be more abundant than other,” said Steen.

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