Decatur County Prison


Prison is not a place of hope for many, but in Decatur County, hope is just the ticket that was received by two lucky inmates.

Decatur County Prison celebrated the graduation of its first class of Adult Education graduates on Friday, August 12, where inmates were presented with the recognition of their efforts for taking a step closer to a higher education.

The program, headed by the instructor Revonn Miller, provides offenders a chance to better prepare for a brighter future upon their release from prison.

Dr. Heather Vickers, Southwest Georgia Area Principal for the Georgia Department of Corrections, said, “Statistics show that those convicted felons who obtain some form of education while incarcerated return to prison at a rate of only 42% which is much lower than those with no formal education.”

She also added, “The newly enrolled students, which make up the largest class ever, were so inspired that after the ceremony they asked for additional class time in the evenings.”

Warden Screen and Deputy Warden Johnson expressed their sincere appreciation for the support provided to their educational program by the Decatur County Commissioners, Bainbridge State College and the Georgia Department of Corrections.

During the graduation ceremony, Bainbridge State College Adult Education Program Administrator, Nan McIntosh, started her introduction of the keynote speaker by first instructing both graduates to raise their right hand high into the air and reach behind them and pat themselves on the back for a job well done. The ceremony concluded with a celebratory meal and cake presented to the graduates and the honorable mentions who have successfully completed portions of the GED exam, which has also helped them achieve their goals of getting a GED diploma.

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