Jennifer Eaford, Stephen Smith, Javon Lyles, Christopher Adams and Darlene Lavette, all of Early County talk about the benefits of Adult Education through Bainbridge State College.

Jennifer Eaford, Stephen Smith, Javon Lyles, Christopher Adams and Darlene Lavette, all of Early County talk about the benefits of Adult Education through Bainbridge State College.

The Adult Education program through Bainbridge State College benefits students from all walks of life and helps place them “on track” to a successful future.

Each Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday morning, Adult Education students enter a classroom at the Early County Education Center. Together, with the help of a dedicated instructor, these students are being prepped to take and master the GED test. The free class is a major step for these students to create a successful future for themselves.

Anntina Gray, the Adult Education instructor in Early County, begins each day with group sessions to get the students involved in the subjects currently being studied.

During this time, she and the students have a conversation where they read questions and provide feedback for one another.

“For some of the sessions, we have “group think,” so each of the students give their views on a particular discussion we are having in class,” said Gray. “And if a student happens to not be familiar with a particular person, place or thing in Social Studies or Science, I like to elaborate and share more information with the student about the term, meaning and definition of what we are discussing.”

The students in the Adult Education class all have different backgrounds, but they are all on a mission to receive a valuable education.

Stephen Smith of Blakely began the program to place himself “on a better track” and complete his school career.

He said, “Soon I will have the education I want. Having my GED will help open doors that can lead to furthering my education, such as going to college and getting a good-paying job with good benefits.”

While working towards the diploma, students such as Jennifer Eaford of Blakey find themselves wanting a career in education—and she claimed the “time is now.”

“I dropped out of school when I had my children,” she began. “All of my kids have their diplomas and it is my time now. I’m working hard to get my GED, so I can go to college to earn a degree in Early Childhood Education.”

Going back to school to receive a diploma is not easy, but with the right instructor anything is possible.

The students in Early County spoke highly of their instructor, Anntina Gray, and the quality of teaching she displays during each class.

When Javon Lyles first joined the class, he was intimidated and wanted to give up on the program—but Gray stepped in with a dose of encouragement.

He said, “Ms. Anntina started pushing me because she knew I could do it and ever since then, I have been working towards success. For that, I’m happy she’s my teacher.”

Darlene Lavette commented that Gray “makes her day with her smile.”

“She is very understanding and stays with us throughout the class until we learn what we need to know. And plus, she comes in every day with a smile that makes my day,” she said.

Christopher Adams added, “I was nervous my first day of class, but Ms. Gray quickly made the overall experience more comfortable. She was so nice and outgoing—it made me want to stay in the program so I can be motivated to accomplish my goals.”

By providing the resources and encouragement to its students, the Adult Education program at Bainbridge State College is helping the entire community.

According to Gray, the free GED program is important to the development of the economy and community.

She said, “When the students master the skill of achieving an education, the entire community thrives. They will be able to give back to the community with the education they receive. It’s important to strive to make a difference in the students’ lives and watch them succeed over and over again.”

To further the effort to give back to the community, Bainbridge State College welcomes any business willing to assist its employees achieve their dream of obtaining a GED, to contact the School of Health Sciences and Professional Studies at 229.243.4250. Businesses may be eligible to earn a tax credit of up to $1,200 per employee.

The Adult Education program at Bainbridge State College is designed to give special attention to adults who are returning to school to resume educational programs; refresh reading, writing, and math skills as they re-enter the job market; prepare for the GED® Test; qualify for a job or educational program that requires a high school diploma; learn English as their second language; or just work toward a personal educational goal.

BSC Adult Education is offered at four sites and have modern computer labs, study materials and resources, and professional adult education staff. For more information, please visit or call 229.248.2517.



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