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(Dr. David Byrd)                                              (Melissa Harrell)                                        (Tammy Hinson)                                  (Frederick Shorter)

IMG_9537(Sheila McLendon)

Bainbridge State College was pleased to honor five faculty members on Tuesday, June 21, with a reception held at the Charles H. Kirbo Regional Center, for receiving tenure.

Faculty receiving tenure were Dr. David Byrd, Professor of Mathematics; Melissa Harrell,  Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice; Tammy Hinson, Assistant Professor of Humanities; Sheila McLendon, Assistant Professor of Vocational Math; and Frederick Shorter, Assistant Professor of English, Speech & Music.

Dr. Rodney Carr, Vice President for Academic & Student Affairs, presented each faculty member with a letter announcing their tenure.

Tenure is the highest recognition a faculty member may achieve, and it indicates that the faculty member has been successful in the classroom and in representing the institution.


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