Bainbridge State College is pleased to announce the opening of the Donalsonville Education Center, located at 217 Cherry Street in Donalsonville.

Monday, April 25, open house will be held from noon until 6 p.m., with a ribbon cutting prior to the community-wide open house at 11 a.m.

During the open house event, Bainbridge State College student services will be on site to answer questions related to enrollment, registration, and financial aid. Giveaways will be included in the event.

Currently, classes are being offered for the summer and fall semesters at the Donalsonville Education Center. Hybrid classes, which is considered a mix of both online and in-class courses, are offered. Please see the BSC ad or website for the full list of summer classes. Registration opened April 5.

Dr. Michael Kirkland of Iron City is a BSC professor who will be teaching in Donalsonville via telepresence during the fall semester. Kirkland is thankful for the group of Seminole County residents who have made the Donalsonville Education Center possible.

He said, “When we begin offering classes in Donalsonville this summer, it will be the result of a work that started back in 2007 when a group of individuals started working to bring higher education to Seminole County. I’m thankful for the generosity that resulted in a beautiful building as well as excited about the opportunities that this partnership will mean for the county’s citizens. It opens up possibilities of not just a stronger relationship with the high school but also opportunities for non-traditional students.”

Additionally, BSC Interim President Shawn McGee considers the opening of the Donalsonville Education Center a way for Bainbridge State College to “branch out” even further into the region while providing even more opportunities to its students.

“By offering classes at a site in Donalsonville, Bainbridge State College will become more assessable to the people of this region,” said McGee. “Our Seminole County students will now have a building in their hometown to take classes. It is our wish to assist the students in the best way possible. We are excited to offer them this opportunity for their future.”

Likewise, Donalsonville residents are thrilled to see the Center that was erected where nine buildings burned in 2011.

According to Dan Ponder, Mayor of Donalsonville, the Donalsonville Education Center has taken away the “eye sore” that the fire created and replaced it with a beautiful building that is already a huge asset to the community.

He said, “We have looked forward to the day when we open the doors and begin educating our citizens. We believe it’s going to increase the educational opportunities here in a variety of ways—from adult learning all the way to targeted types of education which will benefit our industry and business workforce on a local level. This is a win-win for everybody and the City is very proud of it.”



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