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Georgia’s five-year trend shows that there was a dramatic decline with the implementation of the 2014 test.
– 15,039 graduates in FY 14 with 75% pass rate
– 4,781 graduates in FY15 with 61% pass rate.
– The pass rate continues to increase; however this change in the GED® passing score will add almost 1900
graduates since January 2014.
Recalibrating the Passing Score
– Ensures that the GED® passing score is reflective of high school graduates and current graduation standards
– A higher percentage of GED® grads are attending post-secondary education than ever before – national data
– Data from states show GED® grads performing on par with, and often far better, than high school graduates
when entering post-secondary education
– The changes in the pass rate are based on data collected over the past 18 months which give the GED® program
the capability to now assess an adult learners’ knowledge across the entire spectrum of a typical graduating high
school class.
This change grandfathers all test-takers who have tested since January 1, 2014. Although this change takes effect
immediately, time is required to implement the programming changes required to issue the GED® credential documents.
As a result, official diplomas and transcripts will be mailed directly to the examinee from the Technical College System of
Georgia, GED® Testing Program by mid-March.
GED Testing Service® (GEDTS) has announced a change to the GED® testing passing score for high school equivalency
from 150 to 145 and added two new performance levels.
The new GED® test performance levels are:
– Pass / High School Equivalency > 145
– GED® College Ready > 165
– GED® College Ready + Credit > 175

Georgia test-takers who have tested since January 1, 2014 and earned a passing score of at least 145 for each of the four tests
will now earn their GED® diploma.

Timing and Implementation

– Announcement to stakeholders – educators, test-takers, adult-ed community, etc. (January 26)
o Georgia pre-announced on January 20.
o Students can benefit immediately
o States do not have to worry about test-takers unnecessarily retesting
– System implementation – new/revised transcripts and credentials (mid-March)
o Allow GEDTS to send required modifications to Georgia and for the data system to be ready
-Student Notification
o Students will receive an email from GEDTS
o Students will receive a letter from the TCSG, Office of Adult Education, GED Testing Office about their
status change immediately.
o Students won’t see the changes on, or have credentials or transcripts until mid-March.
o In the interim, GEDTS and Georgia GED® Testing Office will have a system in place for passers to request
a formal verification letter.


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