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Photo:  Bainbridge State College Practical Nursing students are recognized with a traditional pinning ceremony. Left to right, front row: Ashley Laye of Bainbridge, Harley Jenkins of Blakely, James Slater, Jr. of Bainbridge; Ashli Harris of Bainbridge, Tasha Green of Bainbridge, Alonna Montgomery of Blakely, Keller Perdue of Bainbridge, Kristie Eakin of Bainbridge; Left to right, second row: Patricia Davis of Havana (Fla.), Amanda Benowitz of Thomasville, Jayme Cooper of Cairo, Kasabian Donald of Quincy (Fla.), Edith Hunter of Bainbridge, Erin Gibson of Climax, Brittany Givens of Bainbridge, Cassietta Coon of Colquitt, Jordan Arnold of Donalsonville; and Ebony Bell of Cowart (Ala.). (Not pictured: Carl Sexton)

On July 31, nineteen Bainbridge State College students successfully completed the Practical Nursing program. They were honored with a traditional pinning ceremony held at the Charles H. Kirbo Regional Center auditorium.

Several students were honored with special recognition awards.

Amanda Benowitz of Thomasville and Ebony Bell of Cowart (Ala.) were honored with the Rose Bud Award, which recognizes the most improved students during the nursing program.

The Teamwork Award was given to Kasabian Donald of Quincy (Fla.) and Harley Jenkins of Blakely. The Teamwork award recognizes students who respect the rights of others and confidentiality; exemplifies team work; cooperation; assertiveness; displays a customer service attitude; seeks opportunities for continuous learning; and demonstrates mannerly behavior.

James Salter of Bainbridge, Jayme Cooper of Cairo, Jordan Arnold of Donalsonville and Harley Jenkins of Blakely were honored with the Academic Excellence Award. These students maintained the highest GPA throughout the nursing program.

The Most Supportive Award was given to Ashley Laye of Bainbridge and Alonna Montgomery of Blakely. This award is in recognition of the students that offer the most assistance and support to classmates, while having a positive attitude toward the program, instructors and others.

The Leadership Award was given to Erin Gibson of Climax and Tasha Green of Bainbridge. These students displayed leadership skills; appropriately handled criticism, conflicts, and complaints; demonstrated problem-solving capability; maintained appropriate relationships with supervisors and peers while following the proper chain of command.



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