Bainbridge State College is pleased to announce Alea Simmons of Cairo as its 2015 Outstanding Graduate.

Alea Simmons served as the BSC Student Government Association (SGA) President, as well as the President of Phi Theta Kappa, Vice President of Mu Alpha Theta, Secretary of Sigma Delta Kappa; and President of the Honors Program at BSC.

She was also the Head Delegate of the Model United Nations, where she and her fellow Model UN students participated in the Canada International Model United Nations Conference held in Ottawa (Can.) this past March. Simmons is also distinguished as a Global Scholar.

The Outstanding Graduate has presented her academic work at two professional conferences in the fields of Humanities and Physics. This summer she and her Physics professor, Dr. Juan Gomez will present their co-written Physics project at the Clute Institute in London.

Simmons has been noted for her hard work and commitment to her academics.

Dr. Michael Kirkland, Associate Professor of History, said, “Alea’s presentation of research alongside professors or graduate students while only a sophomore has shown an intellectual maturity that exceeds any of her current peers.”

The professor also noted Simmons as an “outstanding leader and impressive scholar.”

Upon receiving the Outstanding Graduate medallion, Simmons claimed Bainbridge State College has greatly benefited her academic career and the tools learned at the College will continue to benefit her future.

“Bainbridge State has provided me with the tools to be successful in my future,” said Simmons. “The Science classes have especially been beneficial since I will be going into a Science field.”

This year’s Outstanding Graduate gave some advice on a successful academic career to upcoming graduates and students of BSC.

She related the advice her dad gave her while she was growing up. He would always tell her about the “Five Ps,” which stands for Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

Simmons claimed this advice helped her to be a successful student.

“I really didn’t understand my dad’s advice until I was a junior in high school—and that’s when I learned I needed to become organized to meet my goals,” she said. “It definitely paid off—especially in college because it was a whole different ball game than high school. This is your future. My advice to students is to become organized and plan things out. Know when your assignments are due and be on top of things. Time management will be your best friend and you will be successful.”

Simmons earned an Associate of Arts Degree with a concentration in Science. She was an Honor Graduate with a 4.0 GPA.

She plans to attend Georgia Southern University in Statesboro this summer, majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management and double majoring in Chemistry and Biology. Simmons careers aspirations are to be an Invasive Cardiologist.


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