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Tuesday afternoon, Bainbridge State College students, staff, faculty and the community were invited to a poetry workshop and reading by acclaimed poet, Noah Blaustein.

Blaustein chose to handle the workshop segment a little differently. He wanted to get to know his audience, so he had everyone in the room circle up to have a discussion. During his workshops, Blaustein makes a list with everyone’s name and what type of music or artist they like at the time, and then he goes back to listen to their favorite music. He believes it connects him to the person and inspires his poetry.

“I make a list of songs like this to see where it will take me,” said Blaustein. “I don’t know where it will take me, just like life. I remember when I was younger I wanted to be someone else and now that I’m older, I just want to be myself.”

The poet takes the lines from different songs to draw inspiration for his poems.

He said, “Sometimes a line from a song will stick in my mind. I can keep it in my mind sometimes for as long as six months—and see where it takes me.”

Throughout the workshop, Blaustein connected the audience through music and how he became a poet—a road he never expected to be on,

“The best way I know to tell you to be a poet is to inspire. Believing in your vision—again, you have no idea where it might take you. Who would have thought a dyslexic surfer from California like me would have ever been a poet,” said Blaustein.

According to Blaustein, poetry is something that must be identified. It is one of his ways of being “present in the world.”

He said, “Poetry is one my ways of being in the world. It’s a way of keeping things from passing—and keeps me present in this world.”

By asking each guest their favorite type of music—a poetic connection was made between audience and poet.

Blaustein concluded, “This brought us together. This could be a poem because it’s such a beautiful thing. Just remember to write your life, own your craft and it will be yours. If you want to be a poet then do it. Poetry is something you do. Be active in it.”


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