A Bainbridge State College Physics professor and an Honors’ student have been invited to The Clute Institute in London to present a Physics paper they co-authored.

It is not every day a local professor and student get the opportunity to present their work to an international audience; however, Dr. Juan Gomez of Bainbridge and student, Alea Simmons of Cairo, have been invited by The Clute Institute in London to share their work at this summer’s 2015 International Education Conference.

The Physics paper to be presented regards finding a numerical solution to the Lorentz Force equation by using Microsoft Excel.

According to Gomez, he and Simmons are the first student/professor authors from BSC to be invited to present a paper at an International Education Conference. And what is even rarer is that less than 40 percent of submitted papers are accepted at the conference. Usually, the Institute does not accept papers co-authored by undergraduate students.

“For them to accept a paper co-authored by an undergrad student is pretty much unheard of,” explained Gomez. “So for them to review and accept our paper is an added distinction.”

For over 16 years, The Clute Institute has been hosting international education conferences. Their mission includes the dissemination of academic knowledge within a broad range of topics, which include science education.

To accomplish its mission, the Institute publishes academic journals and sponsors multiple annual academic conferences. In 2013, The Clute Institute published or presented papers by authors from 64 of the top 100 U.S. colleges (as ranked by Forbes).

Gomez and Simmons both view this opportunity as an occasion to represent Bainbridge State on an international spectrum.

“This opportunity puts Bainbridge State in high-powered academic company,” said Gomez. “By presenting at this conference, it literally puts us on the map—and lets parents, students, the community, Georgia, and our Nation know we are working hard and striving each day for the betterment of our students and college.”

Simmons added, “For me, this opportunity allows me to showcase to an international audience what I have learned at Bainbridge State. It will also help me in pursuing my ultimate goal of becoming a heart surgeon. Overall, the conference allows me to share the results of our hard work.”

Each year an average of 50 countries are represented at the conference—and now BSC could be representing not only the state of George—but the United States. Colleges and universities around the world will see BSC as a solidified physics and mathematics institution.

To Gomez, showcases such as this one are excellent recruitment opportunities for BSC’s programs.

He said, “Presenting the paper as part of the Honors Physics class will allow me to recruit more students to join. It also will allow me to showcase my research as a BSC faculty member to an international audience, and further validate my credentials as a quality instructor.”

The 2015 International Education Conference in London is slated for June 7 through June 11.

Both professor and student hope they are afforded the opportunity to present their academic successes and represent Bainbridge State College in London this summer.

Simmons said, “We hope to be able to represent Bainbridge State this summer at this once in a lifetime opportunity for a student and professor. It’s an honor to be invited to showcase this hard work and we hope to make Bainbridge State and our community proud.”


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