On Tuesday during Bainbridge State College’s Veterans Day ceremony, Melinda Jones, Customer Support Specialist for the Office of Information and Instructional Technology (OIIT), was named this month’s “One Matters” reward recipient.

At the beginning of the year, the “One Matters” campaign was introduced to the staff and faculty by BSC President, Dr. Richard Carvajal and his cabinet.

The qualities of a “One Matters” candidate are defined as someone who personally reaches out to students and goes the extra mile to make a direct and measurable impact for success in his or her educational goals.

Jones was nominated by her colleague, Todd Harris, based on the observations he has made of her ability to energize her team in OIIT.

“She understands the importance of maintaining an energetic team environment and strives to cultivate this environment,” said Harris. “In addition to her regular duties, she empowers the department and tackles every project given to her with stride. She is one who never lets her frustrations show or get the best of her.”

For three years and half, Jones has held the position as Administrative Assistant for the OIIT department at BSC, in which she provides specialized administrative support.

Jones was “deeply honored” to receive the award.

She said, “This reward is important to me because even though I am in a department that is not highly visible, it makes me realize that people appreciate what I can do for them. It is always a great feeling when I am able to help others in any capacity.”


Melinda Jones, BSC Customer Support Specialist for the Office of Information and Instructional Technology, is presented as November’s One Matters Campaign recipient by Dr. Rodney Carr, Vice President for Student Affairs.


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