Katie Harrell, BSC Student Success and Retention Advisor, was named the “One Matters” Retention Star Reward recipient.

The “One Matters” campaign was introduced to the staff and faculty during this year’s convocation led by BSC President, Dr. Richard Carvajal and his cabinet.

The qualities of a “One Matters” candidate are defined as someone who personally reaches out to a student and goes the extra mile to make a direct and measurable impact for success in his or her educational goals

Harrell was nominated by her colleague, Sam Mayhew, based on the observations he made concerning the impact she had on a student who came into the Student Affairs office on the third day of classes, asking to be dropped from all classes.

The student was leaving college because of personal issues, which consisted of being evicted from her house and unemployment. For two hours, Harrell worked with the student who was soon to be homeless and unemployed.  She spent those two hours contacting resources in the area to help the student.

During that time, Harrell was able to find the student a place to live and a job on campus. The student was able to stay in school, have housing and employment as a result to Harrell’s assistance and believing in the future of one student, who mattered to her.

On Wednesday, Oct. 1, Dr. Rodney Carr announced Harrell as the Star Retention Award recipient.

He commented, “Mrs. Harrell is dedicated to the mission of our College and demonstrates her passions every day, and this is just one example.”

Harrell accepted the reward, thanked her colleagues and commented on the reason she enjoys her job.

She said, “Helping the students. That’s what it’s all about.”

As part of the “One Matters” Star Retention Reward, Harrell won a reserved parking spot for the month of October and free lunch at BSC’s Campus Café.



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