From honoring a student who saved a life, and now tries to save souls, to students who were honored for exceptional academics despite huge obstacles and challenges, to a long procession of students walking up to the stage to receive almost $30,000 in scholarships, the annual Honors Night program showcased the best and brightest of Bainbridge State College.

Almost $30,000 worth of scholarships were given to 42 deserving students, with some received more than one scholarship. At the end of the program, Bainbridge State President Richard Carvajal called the recipients’ names as Vice President for Student Affairs Rodney Carr handed them their scholarship funds.

In addition to the scholarships, Bainbridge State administrators, faculty, staff and special guests presented more than 45 awards to students who exceled either in the classroom, with extra-curricular activities or both. The Honors Night was held on Thursday, May 8, at the Student Wellness Center.

The most coveted awards are the President’s Awards given by Dr. Carvajal to the top male and top female freshman and sophomore students.

Dr. Carvajal presented Julie Darley of Bainbridge the President’s Award as the top sophomore female. Darley, who had earned a GED and works full time, is president of the Honors Program and has maintained a 4.0 grade point average (GPA) while earning 52 credit hours. She was also named the Outstanding Graduate during the College’s commencement on May 10.

Jason Maxwell of Cairo was presented the President’s Award for the top sophomore male. Maxwell has maintained a high GPA while taking at least a full load in almost every semester. He earned a double majoring in General Studies and Computer Information Systems.

Harli Singleton of Climax is an ACCEL student at the College and Pelham High School, where she potentially is the valedictorian. Dr. Carvajal awarded her the President’s Award for top female freshman. While serving in the Student Government Association and working at the College’s bookstore, Singleton has earned 12 hours of college credit while still attending high school.

Larry Comerford of Brinson was honored with the President’s Award as the top male freshman student. He has maintained a 4.0 GPA even with 18- to 22-hour course schedules in a difficult major.

Walker receives BSC Hero Award

BSC sophomore Rico Walker of Thomasville was honored with the BSC Hero Award for using his first aid skills to save the life of 11-year-old Javante Stewart of Thomasville, who was having a major asthma attack.

Earlier this year, Assistant Professor of Health, Physical Education and Wellness Dave Sarrette said Walker helped the youngster by helping administer his emergency bronchodilator.

And while Walker, who graduated on May 10 with an Associate of Arts degree with a concentration of sociology, was cited for saving Stewart’s life, Walker is also now trying to save souls through an organization he runs, Relief From the Streets, Inc. He said he tries to instill good principles and values in boys from 8 to 17 years old by taking them out of a bad element and doing fun things like going on field trips, giving them lectures and doing community service.

“I started it because of the life I went through,” said Walker, whose mother was a drug addict when he was young and never knew his father. He was in juvenile detention and served in federal prison for drug trafficking.  When he was released, he wanted to go to college.

“In all the years that I hurt people, now it’s actually a great feeling to be a blessing to someone else,” Walker said. Stewart and Walker’s 10-year-old son are now friends and Stewart tells Rico Junior that his father is his hero.

“I look at life that all the things I went through was for a purpose, and I ask my Lord and Savior to let me be productive in someone else’s life. I just want to be able to help somebody every day,” Walker said in an earlier interview.

Award recipients

The following are the award recipients, who are listed by city and the name of the award they received:

Arlington — Deidre Evans, English Honors Society International Conference attendee.

Attapulgus – Cassandra Williams, Outstanding International Education Student.

Bainbridge – Monica Adams, Academic Excellence in Introductory Physics II; Jo-Hannah Brock, sophomore representative of Student Government Association; Shavon T. Brown, Intramural Scholar Athlete; Julie Darley, President’s Award, Leadership Award for Sigma Kappa Delta and Outstanding History Student; Dustin Eakin, Outstanding Work Study Award; Casey Faircloth, Academic Excellence in Principles of Physics I; Melony Harrell, Highest GPA in Diploma Business Administrative Technology; John Huggins, Academic Excellence in Principles of Physics I; Sequoria Jones, Chi Alpha Outstanding Leadership; Brent Martin, Academic Excellence in Principles of Chemistry I and in Principles of Physics I; Emma Sainbayar, Academic Excellence in Principles of Chemistry II and in Principles of Physics I & II; Maria Santiago, Highest GPA in Diploma Medical Administrative Technology; Tiffany Spooner, Academic Excellence in Principles of Physics II.

Barney – Cerisee Snow, English Honors Society International Conference attendee and Outstanding Non-Traditional Student.

Blakely – Michelle Abner, Chorus Award; Martha Bush, Outstanding HSPS Professional Studies Student; Keyera Echols, Chorus Award; Wallace Nathan Hubbard, GOAL; Angela Rogers, Outstanding Medical Assistant Student; Alissa Woods, Outstanding HSPS Health Sciences Student.

Brinson – Larry Comerford, President’s Award.

Cairo – Jason Maxwell, President’s Award and National Technical Honor Society in recognition of high academic achievement in Technical Studies; Joseph Simmons, African-American Male Initiative Program Leadership Award.

Calvary – Rachel  McCullough, president of Student Government Association.

Climax – Chrissi Heard, Highest GPA in AAS Medical Administrative Technology; Harli Singleton, President’s Award and freshman representative of Student Government Association.

Colquitt – Michael Evans, Alpha Beta Gamma Outstanding Leadership and Outstanding International Education Student; Alyxandria Powell, Academic Excellence in Organic Chemistry I & II, and in Introductory Physics I.

Coolidge – Jontauras Osborne, Peer Mentor Award.

Donalsonville – Sylvia Gautney, Highest GPA in AAS Medical Administrative Technology.

Iron City – Jonathan North, vice president of Student Government Association, Alpha Beta Gamma Outstanding Leadership.

Leary – Ashley Young, Highest GPA in AAS Business Administrative Technology.

Thomasville – Jessica Barwick, secretary of Student Government Association; Rico Walker, BSC Hero Award.

Whigham – Alyssa Newsom, Peer Mentor Award and Outstanding History Student; Wesley Potter, Outstanding Achievement in Mathematics.

Scholarship recipients

Attapulgus – Brionna Brackin.

Bainbridge – Derek Allen, Stennes Austinson, Jo-Hannah Brock, Juan Castro, Michael Evans, Michael Faircloth, Brittany Givens, Anna Gomez, Anthony Hall, Willie Johnson, Brittany Lambert and Emma Smith.

Blakely – Terica Calloway, Elizabeth Stewart, James Strickland and Leigh Warfield.

Cairo – Jennifer Bodor and McKenna Vance.

Camilla – Tori Caulder and Kelly Foister.

Donalsonville – Keyla Alvarez, James Brannon, Hunter Hornsby, Byron Webb and Nichole William.

Dublin – Allison Carr.

Newton – Alexis Bevis .

Whigham – Ciera Barnett.


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