Forty-one Bainbridge State College students earned their Associate Degree in Nursing on May 10, with some ending the traditional pinning ceremony’s recessional dancing to the popular hit song, “Happy.”

As student speaker Kevin Dew said, “This is the moment that we have been preparing for since we gained admittance into this program. We’ve made it. Please don’t be saddened by any tears shed today, I assure you that they are tears of joy for the ending of this journey and the beginning of a new one.”

On behalf of his fellow classmates, Dew thanked their family members, friends and Bainbridge State faculty and staff members.

“Thank you to all of our loved ones who have sacrificed quality time to allow us the opportunity to review test material the night before an exam,” Dew said. “We stand before you today overcome with immense joy.”

While each graduate was being pinned by Bainbridge State Interim Chair of Nursing and Assistant Professor of Nursing Jeffrey A. Ross, each student had recorded a message that was played for the audience that mostly reflected each student’s gratitude for support and assistance in getting through the program.

Former Bainbridge State Chair of Nursing Rhonda Payne, the keynote speaker, told the audience that nursing is a very noble profession, but not an easy one.

Jennifer Wade of Bainbridge was recognized with the Academic Excellence Award.

Alice Grandberry of Quincy, Fla., and Davelyne Hines of Thomasville, Ga., were awarded with the Clinical Excellence Award.

Julie Galvan of Whigham earned the Leadership Award, and Martilda Sunshine McCullough of Bainbridge was given the Archbold Medical Center Leadership Award.

Julie Martin of Whigham was given the Nightingale Award.

The following are the ADN graduates:

Bainbridge — Jessica Chambless, Ashley Crump, Kevin Dew, Tywann Elijah, Ericka Gordon, Natalie Holleman, Eboni Lang, Martilda Sunshine McCullough, Shalom Morrison, Rebecca McNair, Ashley Posey and Jennifer Wade.

Blakley — Regina Beachum, Mary Shattles and Phillip Wilbourn.

Cairo — Lorin Barfield, Regina Behr, Christina Borden, Mary Chason, Allegra Corker, Jamie Faircloth, Brittany Folsom, Timia Grant, Terri Hurst and Tameka James.

Camilla — Rebecca Long and Crystal Wood.

Colquitt – Shakell Grant, Morgan Jackson and Joanna Smith.

Donalsonville — Lakeisha Cannon-Scott and Shane Hutto.

Quincy, Fla. — Alice Grandberry and Lillian Howard.

Tallahassee, Fla. — Christina Canada.

Thomasville — Davelyne Hines and Cassandra Nixon.

Valdosta — Sharmila Julian

Whigham – Julie Glavan, Julie Martin and Marianne Stringer.


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