While their own words of gratitude were read while each received a pin, 12 Bainbridge State College Licensed Practical Nursing students were honored at the Early County Center on May 5 during the Spring 2014 ceremony.

Each graduate wrote out a personal statement, which most of the statements expressed gratitude to family and friends for their support. Those statements were then read by Early County Center Dean Joann Simpson while Assistant Professor Patricia Browers or Instructor Heather Smith pinned the graduates.

“I want to thank all of you – spouses, significant others, family members, friends – for supporting your student as they have worked very hard to finish the program,” Simpson said. “It has not been an easy task. Thank you for coming out tonight to show your support for these students. It has been a hard journey, but one that will be worth it all very shortly when they are in the medical field doing what they were trained to do.”

Nursing graduates who earned special recognition are the following:

Matoya Hudson of Damascus earned the Academic Excellence Award and the Leadership Award. She also gave the student welcome by reading a poem titled “There’s nothing like being a student nurse.”

Latoya Timpson of Edison won the Most Supportive Award.

Joseph Tabb Davis of Colquitt won the Rose Bud Award.

Deana Smith Cogland of Donalsonville won the Team Award.

The other graduates are the following:

Bainbridge – Carla Carr.

Blakely — Michelle Abner, Brittany Moore and Corinna Turner.

Cairo – Latoya Williams.

Colquitt – Deanna O’berry.

Donalsonville – Ebony Barber and Zia Leonard.


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