There is at least one thing Kevin Vance of Cairo wants his daughter, MeKenna, to get out of college – a good education.

Granted, that is the hope of many parents. But Vance is trying to impart the college-related life lessons learned by his son, Garrett, an upcoming college graduate, to his daughter McKenna – that a good college education can be economical too.

Vance and McKenna, a senior at Brookwood High School in Thomasville, plans to attend Bainbridge State College later this year and recently attended a Visitation Day on the main campus of Bainbridge State.

Visitation Day confirmed what they already knew:  She liked the campus and the friendliness of the faculty and staff, she would really benefit by being in a smaller college setting, and Bainbridge State is affordable. According to a National Center for Education Statistics’ Integrated Postssecondary Education Data System report, Bainbridge State is the eighth most affordable college in the United States.

“Garrett got into a large campus, and his social life got in the way of his academic life,” Vance said. Now he says his son is scheduled to graduate after being in college for five years instead of the ideal four-year track.

“I kind of wish he had done this; start at a local college,” Vance said. More importantly, Vance said his son is agreeing with him and he has convinced his younger sister that she is making the right choice to start her college career at Bainbridge State. Vance felt earning an associate’s degree and “finding her way” at Bainbridge State with the option of transferring to a larger college or university makes much more sense, and he is glad to see his daughter taking his and his son’s advice.

Vance was one of about a dozen parents who attended Bainbridge State’s first of two Visitation Days. The next Visitation Day is scheduled for Saturday, April 19, beginning at 9 a.m. Bainbridge State’s Visitation Day includes information sessions on admissions, financial aid, programs of study and student activities. Campus tours are offered in addition to free lunch and gift bags Prospective students and parents can RSVP at

Megan Phillips and her mother, Tracie, of Climax attended the first of Bainbridge State’s two Visitation Days to preview Bainbridge State and learn more about admissions criteria for new, incoming students. Megan will be the first child in her family to attend college, and Mrs. Phillips thought it would be good to get a feel for the College even though Megan is only a junior at Bainbridge High School.

“I am just so lost,” Mrs. Phillips said regarding what is necessary to have her child attend college or, perhaps, even start a dual enrollment program between Bainbridge State and Bainbridge High School. “We are learning. It’s a big learning experience for us.”

Thanks to their attentive student guide, Bainbridge State Ambassador Sina Moreno, they also learned of the many campus amenities, the state-of-the-art classrooms, peer mentoring programs, free tutoring services, and the average student-teacher ratio of 22-to-1.

“I was really shocked at how nice the campus is,” Mrs. Phillips said. “I think she’ll be happy here. I won’t be worried about her here.”

As for Megan: “I just feel better about it after I walked around.”


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