Fifty-four Bainbridge State College students were inducted into national honor societies, including some students who were inducted into more than one.

On Sunday, March 23, a ceremony honoring the inductees was held at the Charles H. Kirbo Regional Center.

Mu Alpha Theta, the national two-year college and high school mathematics honor society, inducted 34 Bainbridge State students; Phi Theta Kappa, the National Honor Society for two-year college students, inducted 18 students; and, Sigma Kappa Delta, the National Honor Society for high achievement in the English language and literature, inducted 14 students.

Brent C. Martin and Kristen Penton, both of Bainbridge, and Alea F. Simmons of Cairo were inducted into all three National Honor Societies. The following students were inducted into two societies: Phillip A. Hall and Crystal E. Sekula of Bainbridge; Dorothy J. Allen and Jayson T. Baker, both of Colquitt; Cynthia Moore of Cuthbert, and Thomas M. Shepherd of Whigham.

Dr. Tonya Strickland, Bainbridge State College vice president for Academic Affairs, told the inductees and their guests that sometimes success becomes more of a race rather than a journey, and that some persons are in so much of a hurry for success that they do not think about the true nature of success.

“I believe that success can be best defined not by what you gain for yourself but by what you give to others,” Dr. Strickland said. She said to be truly successful, a person must give others his or her time, service, love, forgiveness and passion.

The following Bainbridge State College students were inducted into National Honor Societies:

Arlington – Mu Alpha Theta: Phyllis Vonnell Brown. Sigma Kappa Delta: Deidre Evans, Mulieshia S. Johnson and Shalocka Shepard.

Bainbridge – Mu Alpha Theta: Joshua Carnes, Aaron Troy Carraway, Phillip Anthony Hall, Madison Helms, Codie Long, Brent C. Martin, Jack McRae, Sina Moreno, Kristen Penton, Crystal Elaine Sekula, Jada Smith and Shellby Woodrum. Phi Theta Kappa: Phillip Hall, Shane Hutto, Brent Martin, Kristen Penton and Crystal Sekula. Sigma Kappa Delta: Shirley A. Florence, Jenny L. Harrell, Brent C. Martin, Kristen Penton and Cerisee P. Snow.

Blakely – Mu Alpha Theta: Iesha Lee and Maggy Brown. Phi Theta Kappa: Cody Bush, Elizabeth Stewart and Michaia Wimberly. Sigma Kappa Delta: Patricia Washington.

Brinson – Mu Alpha Theta: Larry Edward Comerford. Sigma Kappa Delta: Anna Barwick.

Cairo – Mu Alpha Theta: Alea F. Simmons and Kinsasha C. Davis. Phi Theta Kappa: Alea Simmons. Sigma Kappa Delta:  Joshua Ferrell and Alea F. Simmons.

Camilla – Mu Alpha Theta: Courtney Bearrentine.

Colquitt – Mu Alpha Theta: Dorothy Jean Allen, Karen Hayley Chappell and Michael Henderson Evans. Phi Theta Kappa: Dorothy Jean Allen and Jayson T. Baker. Sigma Kappa Delta: Jayson R. Baker.

Cuthbert – Mu Alpha Theta: Cynthia Moore. Phi Theta Kappa: Cynthia Moore.

Damascus – Mu Alpha Theta: Eden Cunningham.

Donalsonville – Mu Alpha Theta: Ris Wilkin Bell and Kenneth Ray Massey III. Phi Theta Kappa: Pamela Robinson.

Edison – Mu Alpha Theta: Leila Annette Collins.

Iron City – Mu Alpha Theta: Kayla Lane. Phi Theta Kappa: Roland Holcomb, Melissa Jones.

Jakin – Phi Theta Kappa: Mark Solomon.

Leary – Mu Alpha Theta: Haley Leigh Whiddon.

Pelham – Mu Alpha Theta: Hannah Michelle Hatcher.

Thomasville – Mu Alpha Theta: Julia C. Baker.

Whigham – Mu Alpha Theta: Hannah Holden,Rachel Edin Leggett and Thomas M. Shepherd. Phi Theta Kappa: Susan Hynote and April Perkins. Sigma Kappa Delta: Thomas M. Shepherd.


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