Whether it is photography, career development, driver’s education or professional services, think of it as continuing enrichment instead of continuing education.

Bainbridge State College’s Continuing Education Department has an array of courses that meet your personal or professional goals.

“We have some of those ‘fun’ classes such as cake decorating, classes for professional and career development, and classes for professionals who need continuing education units such as attorneys, plumbers, electricians, contractors, and real estate and insurance professionals,” said Marty Davis, coordinator for the College’s Continuing Education Department.

Bainbridge State’s Continuing Education Department, located at 315 S. Boulevard St., in Bainbridge, focuses on four areas – personal enrichment such as cake decorating and photography; professional services such as license or certification renewal; career development, which may include classes on office management or computer program training; and, driver’s education and first aid.

“We strongly encourage all our businesses to take a look at CPR and first aid. I can’t stress how important it is for businesses to do that,” Davis said. “I know in the last year, I’ve seen four or five accidents happened to customers, and nobody knew what to do. We can tailor a first-aid class for your business, which would not only be for your employees but for your customers too.”

Other good sources for businesses are career development courses.

Davis said he receives calls from employees who want to become more proficient in such programs as Microsoft Word or Excel.

“We get a lot of people who need help with computers to help them out with their jobs. We do courses and training to help people who are looking to get ahead within their own jobs,” Davis said. “The department also offers employees seeking certain credentials, such as a human resources specialist.”

Davis said a future series of seminars are for professionals working in the health care industry. Some of the topics include how to handle health records, talking with patients and their families and an update on the latest concepts in a doctor’s office.  Another course planned is an office management program, which teaches the newest technologies in the office, how to sign people in and gauge their numbers, answer the phone and other tasks.

For Georgia licensed professionals, they are often times required to complete continuing education units (CEUs). For example, insurance agents must complete 15 hours a year in CEUs and plumbers four units.

Bainbridge State also offers the entire 40-hour license course to become an insurance agent and the entire 75-hour real estate course. An operator of a forklift must go through a program as well, and the department offers that course for the approved certification.

“You name it businesswise, if it requires a test, certificate or license, we’ve got it,” David said.

There are also numerous online courses — from accounting, college readiness, and technology and computer applications — coordinated through the department.

Finally, the department offers personal enrichment courses. Popular courses include photography, cake decorating and Italian cooking.

Davis said on those “fun” courses, he would bring in instructors from the community to teach them.

“We try to offer programs that typically people would not find at another organization, and we’re trying to do something fun and where you would not normally find somewhere,” David said. “It’s also a great way to help the community out as far as getting people started in any kind of business.”

He cited the instructor of the cake-decorating course who has been able to increase her business because of referrals from the course.

Davis hopes to expand programs to Donalsonville, Blakely and Colquitt in the near future. Furthermore, if a business or community wants to have a program, he could arrange for it. “If you have something you want to do, I’ll see about putting it together and trying to get it going,” Davis said.

For more information about Bainbridge State’s Continuing Education Department, call Marty Davis at (229) 248-2518 or visit its website at www.bainbridgece.com.


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