Bainbridge State College Chi Alpha club members hope an idea for a service project will become an annual event with the ultimate goal of bringing College students and their families closer together.

On Dec. 7, the three members of the Christian club – Jonathan Davis of Donalsonville, and Sequoria Jones and Michael Evans, both from Bainbridge – organized the Christmas Gala at the Charles H. Kirbo Regional Center where more than 22 children receiving gifts from Santa Claus.

“It was really a nice thing because of seeing the smiles on the kids’ faces when I called their names to come up and receive their gifts,” said Jones, a sophomore at Bainbridge State. “I really hope this becomes an annual event because I really enjoyed it.”

After some brainstorming, club adviser Tatyana Pashnyak said the three students came up with Christmas Gala idea so students and their kids would get to know each other better while having a good time.

When a parent signed up to attend the Gala, they also signed up for buy a gift for another student’s child. College students and club members also volunteered to bring food and to help with the event, which reinforced the idea of an event to help build camaraderie among students and their families.

“It was a great idea and I was glad to see how well it went,” Evans said. “It was all about the kids.” He also said the no-cost event worked really well because of the gift exchange idea.


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