A Bainbridge State College student from Cairo won $1,000 in Bainbridge Bucks Thursday and the cost of college will be eased for future Bainbridge State College students because of a Lions Club scholarship.

The Lions Club sold raffle tickets for a chance to win the $1,000, and Bainbridge State President Richard Carvajal picked the winning ticket with Cairo resident Tannette Chandler’s name on it. Coincidently, Chandler is a nursing student at Bainbridge State.

Furthermore, all proceeds of the raffle go toward the Bainbridge Lions Club Scholarship.

Sam Mayhew, assistant dean of Student Life for the College and the chair of this campaign for the Bainbridge Lions Club, said he enjoyed leading the campaign because he sees what a positive impact the scholarship money has.

“I’m honored to serve as chairman because I understand the need for student scholarships at Bainbridge State,” Mayhew said. “All of our projects focus on serving the local community, and Bainbridge State is such a big part of our community.”


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