A handful of events scheduled for the upcoming International Education Week at Bainbridge State College will include a discussion of Ian McDonald’s Hugo Award-nominated science-fiction novel “Brasyl” on Monday, Nov. 11, at 5 p.m. in the Maple Center on campus.

The event, which is free and open to the public, is hosted by the 42 Club, a group of students, faculty and staff with a particular interest in genre fiction and film—science fiction, fantasy, crime and other popular works.

In the novel –part science fiction, part history and part mystery–past, present and future of Brazil, with all its color, passion and shifting realities, come together. Three characters, three stories and three Brazils are linked across time, space and reality in a hugely ambitious story that will challenge the way readers view the world.

“There are few if any science-fiction writers currently working who display the kind of flair, intelligence and sheer pizzazz that is par for the course with Ian McDonald,” Keith Brooke wrote in a review of the novel. “McDonald inhabits the Brazil—or rather, the Brazils—of this story and sweeps you along as no other writer in the field could manage.”

McDonald’s fictional tour de force is a natural fit for a study of the culture of Brazil.

“International Education Week is a great opportunity for our students to explore cultures and issues that they might not be exposed to otherwise,” said Emily Dowd-Arrow, assistant professor of English at Bainbridge State and a member of the International Education Committee, which was responsible for coordinating the week’s events. “Brazil was a consensus choice for this semester’s focus, with its vibrant, diverse and cosmopolitan population and its upcoming role on the global stage as host to next year’s World Cup and the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.”

The International Education Committee is a group of volunteers from among Bainbridge State’s faculty and staff who share an abiding interesting in expanding students’ multicultural awareness. Each semester, the Committee chooses to study a region or country that will both fascinate and enlighten students, broadening their sense of a global community by introducing speakers, performers, artists, creative contests and international foods to Bainbridge State.

International Education Week will take place on the Bainbridge State campus Nov. 11-15. In addition to the 42 Club discussion of McDonald’s novel, the campus will host film viewings, Brazilian music and a tasting menu featuring the country’s cuisine.


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