Bainbridge State College honors student Emma Sainbayar of Bainbridge will present a rather advanced research project to fellow undergraduate students on Thursday, Oct. 24, at Albany State University.

Sainbayar and Dr. Juan Gomez, a Bainbridge State assistant professor of physics and math who is serving as her honors faculty mentor on the project, were chosen to present a poster on her research project dealing with the Lorentz Force Equation at the Regional Undergraduate Research Symposium.

The sophomore is a sciences major at Bainbridge State who plans to earn a bachelor’s in biology and eventually enroll in medical school. This research project is part of her honors requirement in the honors section of Dr. Gomez’s calculus-based physics course.

“It’s pretty advanced, especially for sciences major,” Dr. Gomez said. “We are very proud of her.”

Sainbayar’s presentation in Albany will be a poster on the numerical method she plans to use to solve the Lorentz Force Equation, which refers to the force on a charged particle due to electromagnetic fields.  Her ultimate goal is to solve this differential equation in physics for cases that cannot be solved analytically, or by hand. As Dr. Gomez said, in such cases it has to be solved by a numerical method.

Her presentation is just one part of her greater project that she will finish at the end of the fall semester.

“It is somewhat rigorous. It is not an easy equation to solve,” Dr. Gomez said.

Sainbayar said the project was very interesting to her and Dr. Gomez. “We have got to really work on this,” she said.

Dr. Michael Kirkland, associate professor of history and humanities and the director of the honors program, was very excited to hear of the project that Dr. Gomez and Sainbayar were working on.

“This was the purpose of creating an honors program – to offer students opportunities that they would not normally have had,” Dr. Kirkland said. “Engaging in such an enriching activity and taking on such a challenge shows you what type of student Emma is and what type of program this is. Dr. Gomez’s mentoring of a student also shows what type of faculty we have.”

The daughter of Erica G. and George W. Dixon, Sainbayar moved to Bainbridge with her family about two years ago from Baytown, Texas. She said she has found Bainbridge State very rewarding.

“I have enjoyed going here. It has given me so many opportunities, and I have excelled in ways I never thought I could,” Sainbayar said.


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