Staff members in Bainbridge State College’s Student Services Center wore special T-shirts on Oct. 18 to honor a late colleague, Stephanie Adams, who was a financial aid counselor with the College when she died on Aug. 14, 2012. Adams started her career at Bainbridge State College as a work-study student in 2005. In 2006, Adams became a full-time employee in the Financial Aid Office, where she was awarded the Meritorious Award in 2011. She held a bachelor’s in business administration and was finishing her last year of her master’s degree when she died. Employees in Student Services honoring Adams, from the left, front, are Helen Catt, Katie Harrell, Windy Singletary, Jeanette Gadson and Ashley Taylor; in the back, are LaKeshia Allen, Lisa Reyes-Smith, Wes Chapman, Alan Killingsworth, Robert Thompson, Renee Faircloth and Arlene Cook.


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