Bainbridge State College and MyFoundationsLab are teaming up to offer free diagnostic tests that will help potential students do well on the COMPASS placement test.

The COMPASS test determines if students must take learning support courses in reading, math or English before proceeding with regular college coursework.

“Prior to taking the COMPASS, potential students are offered a self-paced course in an attempt to lessen their likelihood of testing into all three areas of learning support,” said Wesley Whitehead, director of Learning Support at Bainbridge State.

Depending on how well a potential student scores on the COMPASS test, one scenario could put a student in six separate remedial courses before even attempting a regular college course. For example, if a student does not test well on the COMPASS English portion, the student would be required to complete English 97 and English 99. The same is true for reading and math.

There are a limited number of free slots for Bainbridge State’s MyFoundationsLab program to help prepare students for the COMPASS test.

Approximately 60 percent of Bainbridge State’s students are adult learners (those 25 years old and older).  Since many of these students are apprehensive of coming back to school, getting them involved with MyFoundationsLab prior to placement testing is important. This program will review all the concepts and skills expected of beginning college students in English, reading and math, Whitehead said.

“We hope the MyFoundationsLab program will decrease the number of learning support classes required for these individuals.  Students testing into multiple learning support classes often become discouraged at the length of time it takes before they may begin their regular college courses,” Whitehead said.

By using the MyFoundationsLab program, potential students to Bainbridge State can take the diagnostic test, determine their learning path, work on their own modules, build a better foundation for college-level coursework and possibly pass the required COMPASS placement test, Whitehead said.

With no preparation, some of those potential students do not do well on the test and then are required to take learning support classes.

However, if potential students start taking advantage of the MyFoundationsLab, they not only practice the material on the COMPASS test, they also become acquainted with self-paced, modular courses that incorporate technology.

“Successfully completing learning support classes requires passing the COMPASS exit exam.  Although a student passes a Learning Support class, but does not pass the COMPASS exit exam, the student must retake the class.  This scenario may result in financial aid challenges in the future,” Whitehead said.

“This is a win-win situation for our students.  Not only is it free, it also helps future students boost their COMPASS scores and become familiar with the college environment,” he said.

If you are thinking of enrolling at Bainbridge State College and would like more information on the MyFoundationsLab, contact Wesley Whitehead, director of Learning Support, at (229) 248-2581 or


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