Windy Singletary, an enrollment specialist at Bainbridge State College, became another education employee in Decatur County to earn the use of new car for a month on Thursday, June 20.

For more than a year, Action GM has partnered with Bainbridge State to allow a full-time regular employee with perfect work attendance use of the car. For more than a year and half, Action GM has been offering the same incentive to employees of the Decatur County School System, said Randy Soden, executive manager of Action GM.

The local Chevrolet, Buick and GMC dealership initiated the unique idea, and it is getting the attention of other General Motors Corp. dealerships across the country, Soden said.

Singletary, who has worked at Bainbridge State for more than three years, gets the use of a new Buick Verano for a month beginning with a full tank of gas and unlimited miles. Previous winners have taken trips to Florida, and one winner’s timing for use of the car came at just the right time because she needed to see family in another state and didn’t have reliable transportation.

Soden said he likes the program because it is a unique opportunity to thank educational support staff for their work toward allowing others to realize their potential, which he said signifies real freedom.


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